Grammarly: Best Advanced Grammar Checker & Writing Tool

Is your content bound to suffer the fate of your writing?


Have you wondered what impressions your readers get when they realize that you misspelled or mistyped the most important word of the subject in your email?

grammarly grammar checker and writing tool

By the feel of it, I can tell that it's not heartwarming.

But surely that could be a typing mistake and an indication that you are not invincible to errors. And it's perfectly fine to admit that.

No matter how confident you are about your grasp on grammatical rules, you can still misuse words, place a comma wrong, write fragmented sentences, and do things that can be worse than this.

With Grammarly, text inconsistencies are a thing of the past. It is an online writing assistant that helps you create flawless text to impress your audience.

It safeguards you against unwanted text irregularities when you type so that you can concentrate on bringing life to your ideas.

Moving Forward I'll describe in detail on how you can improve your writing skills with Grammarly, and shed some light on how it evolves with you.

The breakdown of what we'll cover in this post:

Analyzing text for inconsistencies entails a thorough check from different angles.

While editing your documents error checks are crucial, but this also calls preserving the persuasive nature of your writing.

For this reason, experienced writers follow strict grammatical logic for creating content to engage their targeted audience.

What Grammarly Offers?

Grammarly is an online writing assistant that performs on spot checks on your text for hundreds of simple to complex writing issues and provides instant corrections to help find the perfect words to convey your thoughts.

grammarly rich text formatting

You can rely on Grammarly's integrated writing mechanisms for about every kind of content that you can imagine or create. Let's dive a little deep to see what it scores for:

Check Text Consistently For Inconsistencies

Grammarly examines every word and sentence you type for all possible writing errors and mistakes, making it extremely easy to detect and fix errors quickly.

grammarly online grammar checker

While the document is analyzed, the Grammarly Assistant icon continuously revolves in a circle indicating that the process is in progress.

With Grammarly changes made to your document is automatically saved so that you can stop worrying about losing your content and Be a Great Writer That You Are.

Eliminate Grammar and Punctuation Errors

Generally, mistyped grammar and a misplaced comma can change the meaning of the entire sentence. With Grammarly, you can rest assured that all your punctuations settle where they are meant to be.

grammarly check your writing for punctuations and grammatical erors for free

Grammarly evolves with you, and as you type it scans your writing for hundreds of grammar and punctuations related mistakes and instantly notifies about all possible corrections.

The suggested corrections can be easily applied to help write distinct, flawless content to impress your readers.

Fix Tricky Spellings Errors

Words, when misspelled, can accidentally transform the meaning of your sentence while leaving behind your readers thinking, what you truly meant?

Grammarly scans your text for writing errors and mistakes

But with Grammarly, it's a thing of the past.

It seamlessly scans your writing and identifies words that have been misspelled or spelled correctly but used in the wrong context, shaping your sentences to yield for what they were structured to deliver.

Detects Plagiarism

The Grammarly's Plagiarism checker can detect if or if not your text contains duplicate content and exact match the source that predates your work.

Grammarly free plagiarism checker

It's A.I. based writing mechanics ensure quality feedbacks on not just word choice and sentences, but also from text tone to consciousness that helps you create content that is original and plagiarism free.

The tool identifies and validates content plagiarism from an online library expanding with over 16 billion web pages as well as ProQuest's global academic database.

Fix Sentence Fragment

Sentence fragments are an incomplete cluster of words that fall short of sense to be measured up as complete thought mainly because of lack of a critical composite, usually a verb or a noun.

Fix sentence fragments with Grammarly

Some sentences are structured to manufacture redundant words that repeat the same information and are weak and indirect.

Now what Grammarly does is that it analyze and flags those wordy sentences and offers alternative phrasing so that you can build them into full thoughts.

Who Is Grammarly Good For?

Grammarly is trusted worldwide by more than 20 million proud writers and helps people from all fields in improving their writing and create content that is accurate and error free.

Whatever your purpose Grammarly makes it extremely easy to write in English so that you can stop worrying about writing skills and focus on conveying your ideas.

Fix writing errors automatically with Grammarly

People from all sources and medium enjoy writing with the power of Grammarly. I'll name a few:

  • Bloggers & Content Writers
  • Advertisers & Marketers
  • Authors & Poets
  • Journalists & Media Representatives
  • Business Teams & Associations
  • Academic Professionals & Researchers
  • Elderly & Students

With this ultimate grammar checker, it won't matter if you're a beginner or a nonnative English professional, your text will always be productive with the worlds most powerful writing tool.

Grammarly products are licensed by some of the world's leading Universities and Institutes, helping students improve their writing and achieve academic success.

For professionals, it serves by providing absolute feedbacks and suggestions, that enhance the credibility and impact of their writings, helping them write content that is original and free from grammatical errors.

That makes it equally useful for all those who write, be it a blog or a cute facebook post.

How Does Grammarly Works?

On creation of a Free Grammarly Account, you can log into the account dashboard. Here you can manage your documents and change account settings.

From the dashboard, you can upgrade to a premium subscription or change the email address and upload new documents for checking.

Here you can manage your documents and change account settings. From the dashboard, you can upgrade to a premium subscription or change the email address and upload new documents for checking. dashboard

With Grammarly to can mix multiple documents to create a single piece of content as it allows you to upload another document while editing or you can copy paste lengthy articles and extracts for writing, directly.

It instantly scans all your documents and suggests writing corrections in real time. Click on the card to apply the corrections.

Custom Set Goals

With Grammarly, you can custom set goals to optimize your content for writing in specific situations. These are integrated rules that allow you to create specific requirements for the tools to suggest more casual corrections.

grammarly set custom goals based on your writing style

You can adjust and set goals as per your preferred document type. With the most widely used writing logic to be:

  • Intent - Describe
  • Audience - Knowledgeable
  • Style - Informal
  • Emotion - Mild
  • Domain - Business

You can program Grammarly to proposes more relevant suggestions based on your writing preferences.

After checking the document for any irregularities, it displays responsive page stats that can be analyzed under the performance section. This section offers a lot of useful insight into your writing.

grammarly increases your text performance

It compares your text for readability issues and includes information about total word count, average sentence length. When finished you can easily download the copy of your text, or save it as PDF for future reference.

With Grammarly, you can use various methods to construct quality content without any special skills required.

Getting Started With Grammarly

For many is a stress buster that enhances their workflow productivity. It allows you to use the editor from multiple devices so that you are always ready for work at all times.

It only takes a click to install the Grammarly app and extension, making this real-time writing assistant part of your routine workflow.

free grammarly browser extension for chrome

You can add the Grammarly's live editor tools to wherever you prefer:

However, there is a minimum system requirement that requires some attention before operating Grammarly. An updated version of MS Office with Windows 8.1 or later and MacOs High Sierra 10.13 or higher does the job.

install grammarly broeser extension for chrome now

With Grammarly extensions installed on the browser, you will receive direct feedback whenever you write in text fields. And being built over the typescript front-end stack, it even lets me write type-safe, bug-free code.

For this, you will need to make some customizations. Takes a little time, but is worth the effort (For premium users only).

How To Use Grammarly

Grammarly provides multiple applications and extensions that can be easily installed on all your devices. It only takes a click.

You don't require any technical skill or know-how to work with it. If you can copy paste text, you can use it.

scan your documents and writing for better user readability with grammarly

Let me describe:

The first step is to type down your thoughts on whatever writing editor that you use and save the document as a draft. I prefer Scrivener and Ms word for content writing.

Then copy paste or upload your draft in the Grammarly's live editor.

In the second step, update your preferences by selecting the writing goals that best suits your environment and style. Make corrections based on suggested feedback.

That's it. Your content is now officially error-free.


You can type the entire document on Grammarly live editor, make necessary changes and then download it when finished. I'm used to it.

And for the record, this post was written live on Grammarly editor.

It's that powerful! Relieves me from the pain of working with multiple editors at a time.

It automatically saves the changes made to document, so I don't need to worry out my work getting lost.

Grammarly Premium Plans and Pricing

While the base subscription is free for all users, the premium version of Grammarly is a perfect fit for those who aim to achieve the next level in content writing.

I will recommend you to always subscribe for the most viable plan based on your requirements.

You can upgrade to a premium subscription based on the following:

For Individuals

The modes of payments accepted are credit card, PayPal, and debit card.

Grammarly plans and pricing

For Businesses

With Grammarly Business, you can be confident that every member of the team can compose credible and mistake-free text. No matter how big or small your business, it has a product for everything.

With the purchase of every business subscription you get:

For Educational Institutions

[email protected] is a custom solution developed specifically for schools and universities that allows institutions to give their students direct access to grammar tutorials and paper revision support.

Grammarly Free vs Premium

With a premium subscription, you can carefully analyze your text for inconsistencies and get customized checks based on different document types.

The basic version scans your text for grammatical errors, while the premium subscription provides more advanced suggestions and detailed corrections.

It scans your text for more than 400+ writing checks with twice as many corrections compared to a free subscription.

Well, I've worked out a deal for only for dontgetwasted readers, and by registering through the link below you'll get a 55% off on all premium plans.

Write error free: Join Grammarly now and claim your 55% off on all premium plans.

Join grammarly now its free

On account upgrade you will get all the features included in the free subscription plus:

  • Advanced Grammar and spell check
  • Word and sentence length analysis.
  • Context and sentence structuring
  • Vocabulary enhancements
  • Genre-specific style checks
  • Plagiarism detection
  • Text readability score
  • Unique and rare words integration value
  • Estimates text fluency timings

All this enables you to better understand your writing habits.

The plagiarism feature automatically checks your writing against duplicate content so that you can write with confidence knowing that your text will be original and authentic.

The basic free plan is insanely powerful but limits you to an extent. So if you are a professional looking to boost workflow productivity, then it's always best to invest a little in yourself.

That's what I do.

Now looking at the affordability of plan upgrades, I would suggest you go for the yearly subscription as that would potentially save you $220.

Grammarly Proofreading

Grammarly provides an optional service called Human Proofreading in addition to premium subscriptions. The service offers you to submit your documents for appropriate corrections by expert proofreaders.

It's a viable solution for those who are a little low on time and helps ensure that your work is always grammatically accurate and mistake-free.

grammarly human proofreading

To submit your document for proofreading, click on the Human Proofreader option in the lower right corner of the editor page.

For human proofreading, Grammarly charges a price assessed on per word basis. The document is analyzed simultaneously by multiple proofreaders, ensuring corrections with lighting fast speed.


Grammarly is a convenient writing assistant that helps everyone communicate effectively and error free. It adds the perfect writing sense to your text required to express yourself.

With Grammarly installed on your device, you are all set to start your journey of writing with confidence, knowing that you're backed by the world's most advanced writing tool ever made.

You're free to start with the basic version and then later upgrade depending upon your workflow requirements. For professionals, Grammarly can be a real difference maker for all of the output, no matter how big or small.

The Grammarly's browser extension and app allows you to analyze up to a maximum of 100,000 characters at any given time.

Now what limits you with Grammarly is that:

English is the only supported language, but yes, it can recognize a load of spelling, grammar, and punctuation differences in American, British, Canadian, and Australian English.

And secondly, the apps are not compatible with Linux based devices. So if you are someone who's addicted to UNIX OS, you'll find yourself limited to browser extensions.

Overall Grammarly is one writing assistant that's worth paying for, but do make sure to read their terms of service before proceeding.

So what’s your process for writing quality content?

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